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INTIMACY CBD Evielab, taste these 70 CBD pearls with the power of intense pleasure. Made from natural terpenes, they are a combination of CBD and CBG (cannabigerol). These pearls have an exciting, energizing and relaxing effect. Rediscover your partner's flesh with sensuality thanks to these incredible pearls. THC FREE. Place under the tongue and allow it... 34.9 EUR Price €34.90

Evielab Pure CBD. The American brand Evielab CBD introduces its new formula: Pure CBD! A container of 70 sublingual pearls of natural and purified CBD. CBD Evielab is the new face of CBD consumption. Precisely designed, each pearl has exactly 5mg of CBD, which allows total control over the desired quantity. Pure CBD Evielab does not contain THC. Place...

Evielab is an American CBD brand, created and produced by a Frenchman. Combining French expertise and American hemp, Evielab has revolutionised the CBD market.

Indeed, Evielab offers a new form of CBD: the CBD bead. More healthy than smoking CBD flowers, more practical than CBD oil, the pearl is also much more precise regarding CBD dosage. Each pearl contains a specific dosage of CBD allowing you to control exactly how much you want to take. Evielab manufactures its CBD beads in the USA, in California to be precise with organic hemp.

Evielab also offers different formulas, combining CBD with natural terpenes, each with its own virtues. Each Evielab product is designed for a specific use: focus, relaxation, immunity, sport...