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What are my payment options?
We accept credit cards, including Visa, MasterCard, and debit cards with Visa or MasterCard logos.
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Where is my order?
You may track the status of your order online by logging into your account or by contacting us, you received an email with the trakcing number and the status.
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How do I use a discount code on my order?
Simply enter your discount code you received during checkout and click the Apply Button. If coupon code is valid you will see it immediately under the discount code box and it will show in your cart totals immediately. If you do not see the discount after applying the valid discount code please contact us before checking out. Sorry, discounts cannot be applied after order is completed.
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Is this website secure?
You can shop and share personal information with confidence knowing that our website is secure from the latest threats from hackers and identity thieves. Every page of our secure website ordering process that requests credit card information uses Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption, which is designed to render information unreadable should anyone try to intercept it. 
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Why did I not get a confirmation that my order is complete?
If you were unable to complete your order, either your credit card may have been declined or your billing information did not match what your credit card company has on file at the time of purchase.
Please Contact Us if you are having problems checking out.
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What if I created duplicate orders?
If you experienced issues when checking out or made several attempts to complete a purchase, duplicate orders may have been created; however they will be considered not finalized as payment was not received. Only the purchase with payment received will be charged to your credit card. If you accidentally purchased duplicate orders, please Contact Us and we will either void the duplicate transaction or process a refund.
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How do I change or cancel and order?
Please contact us immediately to ensure order cancellations or changes are processed prior to being shipped out. Once an order is shipped changes cannot be made.
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How will the charge to my credit card show up on my statement?
Charges to your Credit Card Statement will read "HIPAYWALLET BELGIUM."
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Why can't I login into my account?
If you are unable to login, you may need to register as a new customer.
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Do you accept orders and ship for Africa and Arabia?
Sorry, we do not accept orders or ship for Africa or Arabia.
What is 3DS verification?
Systematic application of the 3DS protocol put in place by Visa and MasterCard for all transactions when applicable by the issuer banks. Verification of the card security code, and request for confirmation sent to banks
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What is a Card Security Code (CSC/CVV2) Miss-match?
Card Verification Value 2 (CVV2) Is a three-digit number imprinted on the signature panel of your credit card to help verify that the customer has a legitimate card in hand at the time of the order. Amex CVV2 code is the 4 digits on the front of the card.
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Do you wholesale?
Yes, please visit our french website for wholesale
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Do you take phone orders?
No, sorry we cannot take order by phone. 
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Why am I not receiving your Email Newsletters?
If you signed up to be on our email list and have not received an email lately then it may be because we use Double Opt-In. Because of Anti-Spam Laws when you sign up for our email whether when you register or at the bottom of any page we email you a link to click on that confirms your interest in being added to our email list. If you do not respond to this email we cannot send you Email Newsletters. We are sorry but we respect the privacy of our customers.
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