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The French brand Jolt offers poppers in a small 10ml bottle. Its poppers are strong and original. Each poppers has its own formula:

  • Pur Amyl
  • Pur Amyl - Propyl
  • Lady
  • Flag
  • Blackout

Available in packs or individually.

Price €7.90

Pure Amyl Propyl from the brand Jolt ( Poppers made in France ): to get urgently! This mix of both amyl and propyl nitrites will give you ULTRA STRONG effects. Be careful, Pure Amyl and Propyl is for regular customers! Poppers made in France Amyl and propyl nitrite mixture - 10ml bottle.

Price €7.90

Lady Poppers was developedand designed specifically for women  The Lady Poppers smell good. It's a cool and strong aphrodisiac, who gives euphoria, well-being and increased sensibility during sex action. 10ml

Price €7.90

Show your flags with this new and strong Poppers made in France : FLAG Poppers. This rainbowflag colors design already gives you a hint of the fun that this flavor will get you and your gay partner ready for ! The Gay Poppers. 10ml

Price €7.90

BlackOut ! Made in France with an extra strong amyl nitrite, the BlackOut Poppers is very strong. Buy this aroma... Is very strong, feel the real sensation from this Poppers: The BlackOut. 10ml amyl extra strong nitrite. 

Price €7.90

Pure Amyl, as its name suggests, is a Poppers based on amyl nitrite, the original formula of the poppers. Jolt has made you an ultra strong poppers for powerful sensations. Pure Amyl is sold in 10ml bottles. Made in France 10ml bottle - Amyl Nitrite

Price €13.90

Pur Duo Pack 10ml. The Pur Duo Pack is the perfect mix for your extreme and intense sex sessions. These small 10ml bottles will give you powerful aphrodisiac effects that will really surprise you. The Pur Duo pack contains of Pur Amyl based on amyl nitrite, and Pur Amyl Propyl poppers, based on a mix of amyl and propyl nitrites. Don't let their size fool...

Price €17.90

Blackout Pack x3. You'll want to blow it all up! Free your mind under the stimulating effect of the new BlackOut poppers pack. Forget all your inhibitions with these 3 bottles of amyl nitrite. The relaxation is immediate as soon as you feel the effects. Your muscles will relax and you can begin to play almost immediately. BlackOut is a poppers who will...