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Celebration Poppers Pack x3

Celebration Pack. Celebrate and make sensations with these 3 flavours with stimulating and euphoric effects! Find in the Celebration pack: Rave, a pentyl-based poppers, perfect to dilate your muscles. Juice Zero, with its mixture of amyl and propyl, will be full of orgasmic surprises. And finally, you can't miss the famous Oink, an aroma that will make you forget all your inhibitions, thanks to its propyl molecule. Don't wait any longer and get ready for torrid nights or interminably funny with the pack Celebration.


  • Pack Celebration: 3 poppers
  • 10 ml bottles
  • Poppers Rave - Juice Zero - Oink

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Description Celebration Poppers Pack 

  • Pack of 3 poppers 
  • Rave
  • Pentyl Nitrite
  • Keeps longer 
  • Oink 
  • Propyl Nitrite 
  • Powerful euphoric effects
  • Juice Zero
  • Amyl and propyl nitrite 
  • Megapellet: aluminum ball that removes impurities 

Product information: Currently, depending on the production line, some bottles of this reference may contain two or three pellets, or none at all. Their absence does not affect the quality of the product.


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